Sunday, February 25, 2007

Russian Artist - Victor Lysakov

Even though I am interested in the arts, I have never taken an art course. The only art-related activity I would consider in my daily life would be my hobby, photography. Two weeks ago, I enrolled in an Expressive Painting program to explore a totally new area. Since then, I have started to pay more attention to art-related news. Recently, I happened to discover the Russian Artist Victor Lysakov through LoudLaunch. Lysakov's modern expressionist paintings are well known for their vibrant palette and unique composition. His contemporary motifs include creatures, figures, animals and nature. I visited his online gallery and found that I really enjoy his style. I also enjoyed the soothing background music in the gallery section. With a captivating story accompanying each image, each painting might rouse an unexpected reaction- curiosity, mystery and even fear – Viewers will never get bored with Lysakov’s paintings.
Victor Lysakov's artwork has been published and sold for over twenty years in the European marketplace. After establishing a remarkable presence and solid reputation overseas, Lysakov is developing his own publishing company in the United States - Lysakov Art Company, Inc. opened in Pacific Grove, California on February 2, 2007. Lysakov Art Company, Inc. plans to partner with at least 20 other modern art galleries throughout the country by the end of 2007.
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