Sunday, February 25, 2007

PayPerPost - What is Next?

Today, PayPerPost (PPP) revealed that they will be announcing some big news in the next few weeks and Posties (bloggers who write sponsored posts for PPP) are paid to blog about what the big news might be. Basically, PPP is using its own system to create a buzz for its business. The Internet is full of innovation and surprise. Anything can happen in the fast evolving consumer generated advertising market. What will PPP’s next strategic move be?

I joined the PPP network to make money blogging in January 2007. Last week, PPP released its new beta version with a key feature of segmentation, providing advertisers with a way to better target specific blogs and Posties with chance to earn more money. I have talked about segmentation in the post of Make Money while Blogging. The new segmentation system mainly awards bloggers with high traffic blogs, from which I can see that PPP is starting to target high-end bloggers and mainstream advertisers. Obviously, PayPerPost wants to compete with ReviewMe, another company with a focus on the high-end market. It is possible that PPP is developing strategic alliance with other companies in the advertising industry. Will PayPerPost announce an acquisition or merge again?

Currently, PerPayPost is discussing customer service and quality issues with Posties and advertisers on its own blog. So another possibility might be that PPP will provide an online training program to improve Posties’s writing skills, which will benefit all parties. PPP is also expanding its West Coast market. Will PPP go internationally next?

There are numerous opportunities to make money online. PPP is good for bloggers who want to earn extra cash. I’ve learned something new from writing sponsored posts and I enjoy my PPP experience. If you are interested, click the PPP badge above, sigh up with PPP and get paid to blog about the things you love.

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