Thursday, February 15, 2007

Make Money while Blogging!

To meet fast-growing market demand, PayPerPost (PPP) recently released its Beta 3.1768 with a key feature of segmentation, providing advertisers with a way to better target specific blogs and Posties with chance to earn more money. Advertisers can now select which bloggers qualify for their opportunity based on a number of criteria, including the minimum Google PR, maximum Alexa Score (PPP is working on Technorati as well) and minimum Average Tack. Advertisers are encouraged to rate the quality of sponsored posts, which become Posties’ Average Tack and in turn can be used as a criteria. Advertisers can even ban bloggers from writing their future opportunities if they were not satisfied with the post. Through these options more advertisers will create higher payout opportunities. If an advertiser wants a PR7 blog, then they have to raise the blog post fee.

With more new companies that allow bloggers to get paid to blog, such as LoudLaunch and ReviewMe, the Consumer Generated Advertising Market is becoming more competitive. The segmentation feature is a strategic move for PPP. First, it will attract more advertisers because now the sponsor companies can better target their audience. Second, it will definitely attract more high PR bloggers, because the new segmentation system awards bloggers with high traffic blogs. I’ve noticed more high paying opportunities lately. Currently, PPP has an opportunity offering $1000 per post for bloggers who have a site with a minimum Google PageRank 8, maximum Alexa score 10,000 and a minimum Tack 3. Last but not least, the segmentation is a strong incentive for Posties to improve the quality of their blogs and posts.

PerPerPost is working hard to improve their services to both Advertisers and Bloggers. PPP welcomes both "big" and "small" bloggers. If you are interested, click the PPP badge above, sigh up with PPP and get paid to blog about the things you love. Please note that disclosure is required for all sponsored posts. - Connect Tutors with Students & Parents


CyberCelt said...

Where's the music? Only kidding.

The next Postie Carnival, held March 19th, will be hosted at CoolAdzine for Marketers ( The theme is March Holidays and Celebrations.

Here are just a few celebrations:

* Women's History Month
* International Women's Day
* St. Patrick's Day
* First Day of Spring
* Baseball
* Spring Equinox
* Feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
* Festival of Trees
* Lady Day
* Rites of Spring

Here are some birthdays:

* Dr. Suess
* Albert Einstein
* Houdini
* Alexander G. Bell

Of course, your holiday or birthday is no listed, but is welcome. Help me make this a wonderful carnival.



skeet said...

Not much I can say about that since I'm already a postie, but I wanted to make you exercise, so there ya go!