Thursday, February 15, 2007

Get Paid to Review My Post

PayPerPost recently introduced a new affiliate program - Get Paid to Review My Post. By simply putting a badge at the bottom of any post, I can invite prospective Posties (Posties are bloggers who write sponsored posts for PayPerPost) to review my blog posts. When you click on the badge and sign up with PayPerPost, a special opportunity worth $7.50 is created just for you. The $7.50 opportunity offers you a chance to blog about a post on my blog. I think this is also a great blog marketing opportunity for Posties to earn more money while increasing the traffic and the awareness of their blogs without any effort. I can place the badge code at the bottom of each post on my blog, even the ones that aren't sponsored. As a result, I have potential opportunities to earn extra money for each link, because when you get paid for reviewing my post, I also get $7.50. The only thing I don’t like is the color and the long shape of the badge. The badge doesn’t look good on my blog. I would prefer a small square which I can change the color and place anywhere within my post.

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