Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Healthy Blogger Life Style

Between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31, 2006, I received 116 supportive comments from 80 unique fellow bloggers for my Blogger Pledge, "I will Exercise for Comments". I celebrated the New Year with the commenters and my regular readers by visiting and commenting their blogs on New Year's Eve. I am so glad that the pledge has raised the awareness of healthy blogger life style within our blogging neighborhood, even a few bloggers have decided to join us. I've moved the Blogger Pledge to my right sidebar, which means that "Exercise for Comments" has become my daily blogging routine. Health is the prerequisite of happiness.

Let's Exercise for Comments together in the New Year!

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thetowncriers said...

It's a brilliant idea and one that makes people think about getting up from the computer and moving (there's room for both blogs and some yoga in the day). Thanks for putting this out there.

The German Girl said...

Hi Sunflower,
so glad to have found your blog. The Sunflower is by far my favorite flower. Well, and here is another minute for you.
Good luck.

Teena said...

Thanks to you, I'm in!

People in the Sun said...

Great way to start the new year. Good luck.

Kristen King said...

Hey, Sunflower! I just started doing the exercise-for-comments challenge over at www.LivelyWomen.com on the b5media network. Thanks for the inspiration!


a links blog said...

Your blog has been added! Thank you for participating!!

Lynn said...

I am taking a blog break from Thursday on. I will have one more post before I take my blog holiday, then I will be back, and hopefully I will be able to exercise along with you.

I am gonna get a head start while I am away from the keyboard.

Happy New Year!

Faz the Cat said...

Keep it up - here's to a great 2007.

Rachel said...

I love your phrase, "Health is the prerequisite of happiness." It's a wonderful way of starting the year. Keep it up.

4rest said...

I love this idea. I am trying to lose weight myself and could use a little gimmic like this to motivate myself.


I am doing this activity, too. :-)

Simone said...

I love Sunflowers and Butterfly's

I am joining this great idea.

Looking forward to following your blog and getting your comments.


I might just need some help setting up the blogroll and stuff.

Lady T said...

i love this idea!! i'm new to blogging and what not....sure glad to know that i can come and check in with you with questions.....i hope to make my spot a bit more personalized....although i dont seem to have enough hours at work to do it!

feel free to check me out and my humble few posts...mroe upcoming...i promise!