Monday, January 22, 2007

I will Exercise for Comments!

To continue promoting healthy blogger lifestyle, I am going to post our Healthy Blogger Pledge every Monday. Currently 18 bloggers have joined us. I will specially visit and comment our participants every Monday, to push them exercise more and to attract more participants!
Healthy Blogger Pledge
I will Exercise for Comments.
Time Period: January 1- January 31
Type of Exercise: Sit-up
Pledge: 1 Sit-up per Comment

Thank You for Your Support!


Renee said...

Have a sit up on me. :D

NMOTB said...


NMOTB said...


NMOTB said...

with your

NMOTB said...

exercise for comments!

NMOTB said...

There, now that should do it - 5 more situps for you!

Take Care

Sunflower said...

Thanks New Mom on the Blog!