Monday, January 22, 2007

Health Insurance Knowledgebase

Health is the prerequisite of happiness. We bloggers, especially, need to pay more attention to our health because we spend more time sitting in front of the computer. That is the reason why I'm promoting healthy blogger lifestyle on my Sunflower blog. Meanwhile, health insurance is a means to lower the financial risk if we get sick. However, selecting a health insurance package from many insurance companies can be a complicated process. HealthInsuranceFinders, the sponsor of this post, is an online health insurance resource that provides consumers with all the resources they need to make an educated decision when purchasing or changing a medical insurance policy.

Recently, HealthInsuranceFinders developed their first online Health Insurance Knowledgebase to help customers find answers to all of their health insurance questions. On their knowledgebase homepage, two search boxes are located in the middle of the webpage, which is critical for an information-intensive website. Currently you can search the database based on key words, or browse the information by categories, including Application Process, Health Insurance 101, Insurance Alternatives and Understanding Group Health Insurance. They will provide an advanced research function in the coming future. To better review the site, I tried both search functions. The results of browsing by categories are nicely listed in a summary format. If you are interested in one specific question, you can click the title to read more details. However, when I searched the knowledge database by key words, it didn’t show up anything. I wasn’t sure if it was technical issues or if it is still under construction. You can submit a question online if needed. In addition, the site has a glossary for your reference.

In summary, Health Insurance Knowledgebase is a searchable, categorized database of common questions about numerous health insurance topics. It is still in the process of growing and adding more categories and content to better serve their customers. HealthInsuranceFinders has over 1,000 pages of heath insurance resources and a unique advice column which allows consumers to obtain assistance from their knowledgeable health insurance experts. If the company can seamlessly consolidate the abundant information on HealthIsuranceFinders with its Health Insurance Knowledgebase, and provide user-friendly navigation and search tools, the site will definitely attract and benefit more customers.

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