Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dot Flowers

I always like to talk about flowers. Dot Flowers is a digital flower shop that combines the personality of your local florist with the convenience of online delivery. Specializing in both traditional and contemporary arrangements, DotFlowers can meet all your flower needs. Everyone knows that a red rose is a symbol for love but did you know that when you give a bouquet of white and red roses, it means unity? Whatever your color choice or intended message, Dot Flowers has the perfect rose arrangement for every occasion. And, if you're looking to buy gift baskets online, they have a wide selection of gourmet treats that are sure to please.

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NMOTB said...

Can't believe that I am actually first for a change!!!!

That is very interesting about the white and red roses - I honestly did not know that!! Thanks for this useful bit of information!!

Take care