Monday, March 12, 2007 is a web site where women can get together to share interesting links from across the Internet. Here is how it works – First, you must register as a member for free with your email address and personal information; Inchicks will never share your information with any third party. After you verify your account, as a member, you can post links to websites that you like and submit a story to talk about them. You can publish links in 12 different categories, including Celebrities, Coupons and Specials, Family, Funny Stuff, Health and Fitness, Movies and TV, Music, News and Politics, Odd and Bizarre, Opposite Sex, Shopping, Style and Fashion. You have the option to vote and comment on existing links that other members have posted. The links and stories will be listed in sequence based on their popularity, that is, the votes and comments received. Only the top 11 links will make it to the front page. Inchicks also provides other features, such as Your Blog, Your Clique, Your Favorites and Chick Clicks, to build a sense of online community for their members.
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