Monday, March 12, 2007

Ashley’s Big Secret

Ashley's Big Secret is a new online jewelry company that helps women look great and wear exquisite jewelry at an affordable price. Ashley’s Big Secret features classic and high quality costume jewelry and accessories, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, purses and pins, rings and sets. Ashley's Big Secret- Faux Jewelry, Fab Prices. The following news release is also brought to you by Ashley's Big Secret.

  • Ashley’s Big Secret reveals the Quinto women’s long-kept secret of looking fabulous on a tight budget. Offering gorgeous and glamorous costume jewelry, the collection is focused on providing jewelry that is artfully crafted and passes for the real thing- while being fashionable and affordable. “Everyone always assumed that we were wearing thousands of dollars in diamonds and pearls! When we started telling our close friends our big secret, they were stunned!”, says co-founder Ashley. The response from those first friends let in on the secret was so overwhelming that they knew they had to offer it to the public at large. “Every woman deserves to dress like a Diva!”, they often say. The website, has already been viewed by women in every state and over 20 countries since it launched in December, 2006. The response from customers has been remarkable. “I just received my sparkle aquamarine ring which is just beautiful!!!!!! You are simply the best! Thank you!!!!!! Kudos to you!”, says one customer from New Jersey Currently, Ashley’s Big Secret is online only. Their website offers a blog with tips, celebrity fashion news and a quirky ‘Wine and Jewelry Pairing’ column written by the family’s wine connoisseur. Over 250 gorgeous products are featured, and new products are constantly being added.

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