Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Madness #2

1. How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
* We plan to dine out and watch a movie afterwards.
2. Name a special gift you received during Valentine's Day.
* Here is a special gift I received last year from Bob.
3. Define Love using each letter: L.O.V.E.
* L - Learn: There are always something new to learn about each other;
* O - Open-minded: Be open-minded in the on-going learning process;
* V - Value: Value your relationship and your family;
* E - Enjoy: Enjoy small things in your daily routine.


Carol said...

I loved this! You're such a sweetie...I hope you and your significant other have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


NutmegNine said...

Nice answers! Now drop and give me a situp! (I just read your Healthy Blogger pledge--cool!)
Have a great week!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sunflower! Hope you'll enjoy your special dinner and movie date with your husband. Thanks for sharing the photo of the beautiful rose that your husband gave you last year. It's nice that we have similar thoughts on the definition of love.

Wishing you an Advance Happy Valentine's Day!