Sunday, December 24, 2006

Two Nice Christmas Gifts

One is from Chris from Thermal gave me a nice gift right before Christmas. He thought my previous post Is Your Blog User-Friendly? was very good and he would like more bloggers to read it. So he posted it on his new blog Blog-Ops with a link to my Sunflower blog plus a place on the contributing bloggers blogroll. I'm so happy that fellow bloggers enjoy reading my posts and want to contribute more to the blogging community. As I wrote in We are a Blogger Family, bloggers should work together to build a healthier and stronger blogosphere.

The second gift is from Soapbox Jury, a blog I found through Chris, was kind enough to review and award my Sunflower blog a score of 8/10. He commented that my Sunflower blog is a “quality blog”, which made me overwhelmed and that I have to try harder to live up to this high standard.


Chris said...

The gift was to me, not from me ;-)

Many thanks for contributing.

Skittles said...

I saw that!!!