Monday, December 18, 2006

Always the Perfect Gift

We always want to buy perfect gifts for our family and friends. However, sometimes we don’t know exactly what they really like. Gift certificates are an ideal choice in such situations.

When Bob and I started dating, Bob sent me a Starbucks Gift Certificate. He said he wanted me to think of him every time I drink coffee. I still keep it in my drawer, for the feeling of the warmth. Bob’s parents bought me a JACOB Gift Certificate last Christmas because they often saw me wearing JACOB clothes. To thank our friends in Edmonton for their hospitality, we mailed them a Christmas card with an Earls Gift Certificate. Bob’s sister loves books, so we sent her a Chapters Gift Certificate for her birthday this year.

Similarly, if your loved ones are students, teachers or anyone who enjoys reading, buy them an Amazon Gift Certificate as Christmas gifts, you will see their big smiles :-), and mine too – It is a guarantee!

With an Amazon Gift Certificate , you can
• Redeem millions of items - the ideal gift
• Customize with a personal message on the Certificate itself
• Sent electronically via e-mail or with an e-card, or on paper through the mail

I will receive 5% referral-fee if you purchase Here. I recommend Amazon Gift Certificate because I really like it. Also try to make money while blogging:-)

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maggie said...

Up to a few weeks ago I loved amazon. I did 99% of my shopping on amazon the last few years. Today though I'm not happy with them. It's a long story that you won't be interested in. Lets just say maybe they are getting to big for their britches.