Monday, December 18, 2006

Beta or non-Beta, It is a Question

Today there is an interesting debate about Beta or non-Beta in Skittles' Place. I don't know why some people have so many concerns or troubles when they think of Beta or when they switched to Beta. For me, it is pretty simple and easy:-)

The biggest benefit that Beta brings me is the increased speed. Before switching to Beta, it took forever to upload photos; now it only takes a second.

Secondly, it is much easier to manage my template. You don't have to deal with HTML codes. All you need to do is drag the layout components to wherever you want.

I suggest that you backup your old template prior to trying the Beta. If you don't like it, you can always change it back. But once you switch to Beta, you might not want to use the old system any more.

Now when I comment on non-Beta bloggers, I can't use my Sunflower account. I have to subscribe as "Other" or "Anonymous". As a result you can't see my Sunflower image when you read my comments. Only considering those annoying commenting errors between Beta and non-Beta, I highly recommend fellow bloggers switch to Beta. Of course this is just for your reference:-)

B-List Blogger
I am a B-list Blogger, How about you?


maggie said...

Hey I'm a B Lister too.


Skittles said...

Beta! Beta! Beta! :)

Teena said...

I made the switch tonight. Gulp!