Friday, April 13, 2007 - Free Classifieds for Canadians

Buying used goods can save you a lot of money. is a free online Canadian Classifieds website that serves all major cities in Canada. As of March 15th 2007, UsedCanada has listed over 135,000 ads across Canada. On April 2, 2007, free classifieds ads websites affiliated with the network had one million pages impressions, making a milestone in the company's growth. If you live in Ottawa, I suggest that you search Ottawa Classifieds first before you go shopping. It's easy and free. Since all the items on Ottawa Classifieds are posted by people living in the Ottawa area, you don't have to pay for any items before seeing them in person. In addition, all ads expire in 30 days and new ads are viewable as soon as the sellers post them. If you just move to Toronto, you can find good deals for Toronto Used Furniture. For more details, please visit

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