Thursday, April 19, 2007

Online Education

I always enjoy learning. Currently, I’m working on an online certificate program. The reason why I selected the online program is that the schedule is very flexible. You can adjust your professional and personal life to fit your learning needs. FYI, below are the benefits of online learning from Collins College .

  • The ability to take classes without a daily commute to attend classes
  • Classes led by the same qualified instructors who teach in the on-campus classrooms
  • Class discussion and socialization online, allowing you to meet classmates and instructors over the Internet – that’s totally different online learning experience
  • Learning on your own time with real-time interaction, support and feedback.

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Teena said...

Very strange. I tried putting in my postal code for more info (because the header says zip/postal code) but get an error that it has to be numeric only.

What are you taking there?

I'm always taking courses but think I need the discipline of a classroom. I'm such a procrastinator.