Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Healthy Sauces

It's spring now and summer is coming soon. Many of you are thinking of losing weight for your spring and summer outfits. Check out www.d-oni.com, a website where you can buy gourmet condiments that inspire great meals and great health. Currently, d'Oni is promoting their healthy sauces. Their sauces are different from those you normally would find on the shelves of your favorite local grocers. Most people on diets need a menu that is not bland to help them stay committed to the program - d'Oni sauces can help you. All their products are fat-free, low in calories, with impressively low sodium levels and most are sugar-free or sweetened with fruit juice, while providing enough favor to make your diet menu not to be boring or bland. d'Oni sauces can be used on any type of protein or vegetables. On their website, you can find healthy recipe tips, testimonials and a lifestyle blog. Please visit their website for more details.
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