Saturday, April 07, 2007

Grow Your Blog Traffic through Zookoda Email

Do you know that you can increase your blog traffic and keep your visitors up to date through email? Check out Zookoda, an email marketing application designed specially for bloggers. More specifically, Zookoda is a leading blog broadcasting service provider, allowing blogs to proactively drive readership, exposure and traffic by sending blog summaries via email. Unlike email subscription service from FeedBurner or FeedBlitz, Zookoda offers you full control over visitor subscriptions, email design and content, broadcast times and conditions, and real-time reporting. Instead of waiting for your visitors to refresh and “pull” the feed, Zookoda is a "push" strategy - you proactively send new information to your visitors.

Note that site feeds (RSS/Atom) are still valid. Zookoda is not created to replace your blog feeds; it simply provides your readers with an alternative. Actually, feeds are used within Zookoda as the basis for email content. Zookoda provides a JavaScript that can be pasted into your blog template. You just simply create a mailing list within Zookoda, add a subscription form and you're on your way. On refreshing your blog, your subscription form, with the validation and verification process, will appear immediately. If you need more control over your email design, Zookoda enables you to create your own templates, include images in your design and rearrange your content. Email marketing is an effective Internet marketing tool. Over time, more bloggers will start to apply email marketing applications like Zookoda to promote their blog content.

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