Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Google Buy DoubleClick at $3.1 Billion

google logoOne year ago, who knew YouTube? Three days ago, who knew DoubleClick? Now, who doesn't know them? On April 13, 2007, Google announced another acquisition to buy DoubleClick at $3.1 Billion. It's another Internet legend. That's why the Internet is so amazing - you never know what will happen tomorrow. DoubleClick is an web page ads company. Don't be surprise to see a lot of DoubleClick display ads on the blogosphere soon :-)

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patrickbay said...

I sure do hope my technology catches on in the same way :) Please visit http://www.peabee.com/blog and make it happen!
The future, as far as I can see, it in mashups and this is the best video mashup I've seen yet (not to blow my own horn, I really haven't seen anything like it). There should also be revenue opportunities available for all of you out there that are as passive as double-click. Again, drop by for a visit soon and check it out!