Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #20

I've posted 13 reasons why I like blogging a couple of month ago. Today, I would like to share this list with you again, because I just opened a brand new WordPress blog -Exploring Blogosphere -this week. Maybe I will list 13 different things between Blogger and WordPress some time :-)

Thirteen Reasons Why I Like Blogging
* Blogging is a new experience which can bring me more
* Blogging is free thanks to many internet talents
* Blogging is creative: internet is all about ideas and innovation
* Blogging is a lot of fun & laugh
* Blogging helps me make wonderful blogging friends and reach large audiences
* Blogging helps me learn how to write better
* Blogging provides me chance to experiment and promote my own ideas
* Blogging can be an outlet when needed
* Blogging practises my skills in difference ways
* Blogging is freedom, just like my own backyard
* Blogging has great potential
* Blogging feedbacks and comments make me happy and healthy
* Sunflower and Exploring Blogosphere are great places to share thoughts, experience & fun :-)


christine said...

I'm new to the blogging world and have to say, I agree with your list. I've found it to be a great creative outlet.

My TT is up (no 8) - all about beards this time round.

I too have another website - it's an e-zine for new and emerging writers. You can check it out at

Ingrid said...

very nice T13 list this week!! i agree with everything you listed. blogging is indeed a great thing!!!

Terra said...

I love my blog too... The biggest reason is a place to vent that doesn't hurt anyone...


DS Writer said...

I'm relatively new to blogging. It is a great opportunity to connect with people. There seems to be just so much going on. Everybody I know seems to be writing a blog these days. Maybe we should be reading more, writing less. :-)

Tink said...

Yes, blogging is great! I've been doing it for some years and I still love it for all those reasons you mention. I'm much better at keeping a blog than I am at writing in a paper journal.
My TT is about posts without comments.

whenn said...

You hit the nail right on the head with your list! :)

Finlands finest said...

Great List!!!

:) Have a super fun day!

loretta said...

Blogging is the future of communication and journalism....

or you know, just something to do in the middle of the day ;)

I almost forgot to write a TT today..I keep thinking it's only wednesday!

Barbara said...

Great reasons for blogging. I love it, too.

Check out my TT

Barbara H. said...

I like blogging for many of the same reasons.