Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunflower Reached 10,000 Hits!

As of today, my Sunflower blog has welcomed 10,000 unique visitors, since Nov. 8 2006 when I first installed the Site Meter! The 10,000th reader was from Point Leamington, Newfoundland, Canada. S/He found my Sunflower blog thorough searching key word "free spring decorating" at The Internet is amazing - You never know who is reading your blog :-) Below is a list of milestones of my Sunflower blog. If you want to know how Sunflower blog grown up, click the link to find out what did I said and what my readers commented. It is interesting to watch your foot prints :-)
Thanks Everyone for the Support! Welcome Back Anytime!
I will Exercise for Comments!


Just a Girl from L.A. said...

Work out for this comment :) I've been trying to work out too!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations!! keep up the good work. I like your blog alot!!

FENICLE said...

Congrats! I just stumbled on your site this morning through another....Google is a fascinating thing!

Chris said...

Congratulations, that's quite a milestone!