Friday, March 30, 2007

Stroller Rain Covers

Vancouver has only two seasons all year: the rainy season and the sunny season. Most people will carry an umbrella in winter and spring, the rainy season, as the weather is constantly changing. Mothers with babies will definitely select strollers with rain covers. Recently, I discovered Sasha's Kiddie Products, a leading provider for car seats, strollers and Stroller Rain Covers. They specialize in custom rain covers for most model car seats and infant carriers. Their rain covers can easily attach through the use of hook and loop materials. Sasha's Kiddie Products can protect your child from the cold, snow, rain, the sun’s heat and glare, the wind, dust and flying insects, while allowing you and your child to see each other, as the covers are clear and see-through. In addition, the cover has some holes so that it won’t hinder breathing. They ship within the United States and Canada and all orders ship within 2 days of their receipt. If you are interested, visit their website to read their customers’ testimonials.
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