Saturday, March 03, 2007

PayPerPost Reality Show - RockStarup

Have you ever heard about RockStartup? Well, if you don’t write sponsored posts for PayPerPost, you likely have not heard of RockStarup. RockStartup is a website chronicling a reality show with a focus on PayPerPost, from its initial concept to its controversial but rapid growth.

To gain the whole picture and give my opinion about Rockstarup, today I visited their website and spent an hour viewing every episode. By reviewing Rockstarup reality show, I actually reviewed the journey of PPP CEO, Ted Murphy, and his team to build the Internet's next monster company, PayPerPost. It was quite interesting to watch the stories behind the scenes, given the fact that I'm a postie. I got a chance to learn the perils, the pride, the pressure, the pain and pitfalls of launching a dot com start up company like PayPerPost.

So far RockStarup has released 12 episodes, including postie patrols, parties, tradeshows, meetings, contests, holiday specials, postie wedding and pretty much anything you can imagine. Each episode is about 5-6 minutes long and quite relaxed and enjoyable. Rockstartup's players are PayPerPost team members, posties, and anyone else that might be involved with PPP. My favorite episode is Episode 11- Can’t Hardly Weight. Recently the PayPerPost team started a weight loss plan and Britt and Veronique took it one step further. Click the video clip below to find out what is their secret formula :-)

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