Monday, March 19, 2007

NYC Sports & Travel

We had a 2-week trip to New York City in the summer of 2005. We did plenty of research on “things to do in NY” and printed out a list of attractions. NY has an outstanding collection of museums, galleries, media outlets and business connections. I am sure we missed some “must-see” events or destinations due to a lack of information. Recently, I discovered NYC sports & travel, a website where you can find almost everything about traveling in NYC, including cheap airline tickets to NYC, NYC sports teams, Manhattan & the outer boroughs, and much more. The site even offers reader reviews to facilitate your decisions. Check out NYC Sports & Travel, the sponsor of this review, if you plan to visit "The Big Apple".

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Anonymous said...

I used this site in the past and it works pretty well but I had to use it in conjunction with which is a site that I use for all my travel plans. I just went to Atlanta for a seven day business/pleasure trip and my travel and tickets were taken care of in fifteen minutes... stress free. Chekc it out.