Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Manner Vs. Grammar

Which is worse, Poor manners or poor grammar? Why?
In my opinion, good manners are more important than grammar, although good grammar is always a bonus. Poor manners can annoy or even insult readers, while poor grammar might be ignored if you have good content. Manner is about attitude, which is easier to hurt others' feeling. Grammar is a skill that can be improved through more practice. To be honest, I always find grammar or typing errors on my Sunflower blog, even though I spell check and proofread my posts before pushing the publish button. :-( I've improved my writing skills since I started to blog and I am still working on it - that's part of the reasons why I enjoy blogging.
What is your opinion?


Rob said...

I'd have to say manners are far more important than grammar. It gets up my nose when people just don't have any.

I answered this Blog Fodder entry too. Mine is here

Marcia said...

Manners any day. My first blog post was on manners. I always prided myself in my grammar skills, I seem to have gotten a bit lax, but working to get them back.

craziequeen said...

I went for manners too :-)

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