Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fun Kitchen Products

Whenever I have time to walk around the malls, I usually browse through the specialty kitchen stores. Those neat pots, glasses, knives and other kitchen items look like fantastic pieces of art to me. Here, I would like to introduce, a website where you can buy beautiful kitchen products. Currently they are promoting the Kapoosh, a Universal Knife Block and utensil holder. The Kapoosh has two compartments for easy organization. You can mix and match knives from different sets or use it to hold any utensil you would like. You can also buy a bamboo cutting board at Bamboo is a superior material for use in cutting boards because bamboo absorbs very little moisture and will not shrink or swell and it is harder that most woods. Check out their website for more interesting stuff.

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S.T.F.I. said...

Thanks for the tip about the bamboo cutting board! Although I'm a constant cook, I was not aware of the benefits of bamboo in cutting boards. I'll give it a try. I cut a lot of fish....that'll be the true test. This comment cost you one minute..:)