Friday, March 16, 2007

Artisan Market

I noticed that there are many talented stay-at-home moms or individuals are selling their artwork on their website or blogs. Here I would like to introduce Artisan Market, a website where handcraft artists who are dedicated in the creation of arts and crafts can start selling art online. Artisan Market, the sponsor of this review, promotes artists by bringing consumers who seek fine, unique arts and crafts to their site. Artists are encouraged to have a 3-month free trail membership. Artisans Market provides their members with full-service marketing and sales support. With a free membership, you can make a 80% of profit on each sale. Paid memberships are as low as $10 per month with additional benefits.


MXI said...

I have a complaint about your blog. About ten minutes after I visit I end up singing "sunflower" by glen campbell, and the bad part is I don't really know the song or many of the words and it's driving me crazy!

Anonymous said...

I like rhinestone cowboy.