Saturday, February 03, 2007

Web Hosting Service

Hosting a blog with your own domain is a hot topic in the blogosphere recently. At some point, I would like my Sunflower blog to be served on a custom domain name instead of at a address. Net Actuate, formerly known as VR Hosted, is an Internet presence provider, offering web hosting plans for beginner or expert users, including family friendly photo galleries, blogs, domain registration, small business sites and more. They can provide a full control panel, with over 50 installable open source scripts, template sites, webmail, and secure email access for users. We bloggers have encountered many outages since we started to blog, which is so annoying. Therefore, the reliability and no downtime guarantee are very important for the web hosting service. Net Actuate is dedicated to deliver robust, high-available, no downtime services so customers never have to worry about their internet presence. Their best-selling hosting plan is $10/month, from which you have 5Gb of web space, daily, weekly, monthly backups, 100Gb/mo transfer, dedicated IP address, unlimited forwards, unlimited subdomains, webmail, spam filters, control panel, easy open source installer, etc. You can double the capacity for $15/month. If you are interested, visit their website to learn more.

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