Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Madness #3

1. If you could rewrite one pivotal moment in history, good or bad, to make a change, which moment would that be AND what are some of the consequences that you believe might come from that change?

* This is a great question. I will have to spend some time to think about it first and post my answer later :-).
2. What's the most unusual hobby you have? How did you get started with it
* Definitely Blogging! I never thought I might be additive to blogging. I started to blog from last April, but I was not interesting in blogging until last November when I discovered so many wonderful things in the blogosphere.
3. Name one thing for each of the following: Favorite smell, texture, view, sound, taste.
Favorite smell: The smell of fresh flowers, especially rose.
Favorite texture: Cotton and silk
Favorite view: Blue ocean and sky or large grass land
Favorite sound: Nice and slow background music
Favorite taste: The taste of cherry


Heart of Rachel said...

I agree no.1 is a great question but I'm too afraid to upset the balance and risk changing my fate.

Same here, blogging is my biggest hobby right now. I'm hooked on it.

I also love the feel of silk.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Take care!

Barbara said...

A pivotal moment in history, I would take this question to mean my own personal history.

Dawn said...

I love views of water and sky, but I don't have an ocean; I only have a lake! I live right by Lake Michigan, but sometimes like going to the lakefront and watching the waves and seeing the infiniteness of the water, since Lake Michigan is 300 miles long, you only see a little piece of it, wherever you are!

Blogging is definitely fun! I love it! I'm totally addicted! Can't remember the last time it snowed? I can look that up!

Smalltown RN said...

pivotal moment in is a great question...I too would have to think abou that one...

Most unusual hobby...yes I guess mine would be blogging as well...I started back in March 2006...didn't do much...then I created a new blog...and by the summer I was blogging regularly....
Smell....after a baby has been hubbies hair.....view....the ocean and the night sky....sound....the ocean crashing against the rocks...taste...something sparkly....