Monday, February 05, 2007

Many people like online video games and chat rooms. is a free online service dedicated to casual gaming. brings together leading casual games with 3D avatars, social networking and an item-based economy to reshape the way community games are played. They provide dozens of exciting, fun, easy-to-play games for those who enjoy casual games but want more by adding a social element to their gaming habit. You can choose from a wide range of gorgeous content and personal options while keeping in touch with friends and accumulating possessions, all within a safe, secure gaming environment. While other multiplayer game environments have chosen to focus on children or teenage boys, brings a uniquely mainstream approach suitable for teens, adults and boomers too. Their games are designed for socializing, including a music matching game and pirate game. Players can enjoy private and public game rooms, multiplayer chat around the online video games, and personalization capabilities through avatar creation and game item purchases. It only takes a few seconds to become a Café.com member to meet people, chat and play exciting games for free with friends and fellow gamers. For more information, please visit their website.

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