Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sunflower Opinion Tuesday #1

From now on, every Tuesday, I will post a couple of common questions that bloggers might encounter or questions that might benefit many bloggers. I will give my opinion first, and then you, random visitors or regular readers, comment or answer them afterwards. The purpose is to share our thoughts, experiences and have fun.
Be relaxed :-)
1. What do you like most about my Sunflower blog?
* My favorites are the Sunflowers and Healthy Blogger Pledge "I will Exercise for Comments!"
2. What would you recommend to improve my Sunflower blog so that you will come back more often?
* If your suggestion is implemented by Sunflower, you will receive a nice gift :-)

Any Opinion is Welcome. Thank You!


sarala said...

I like the sunflowers.
I don't like too busy on sidebars and takes too long to load (even on Firefox).
I like that you are adding more photos.

Jessie said...

I love the sunflowers! They are my favorite flower. I don't like that I rarely can visit your site. Most of the time the page will not load enough for me to scroll down and read your entries. It took me three attempts to get here. I love your blog when I am able to read it. I wish it was more often!

The German Girl said...

Love the sunflowers, as they are my favorite flower... and have to agree on the too-busy-sidebar. Does that make me visit less often? Nope!

Chris said...

I like your blog & visit every day. I like the clean layout & readable text combination.

I've just turned off my ad-blocker & I can see why it takes so long to load. I would advise a little spring cleaning: Any ad's that haven't made money get rid of them. All of your widgets call in data from other websites & slow down loading. Maybe try removing some for a day or so, and see if that improves load times- There may be one slow widget causing all of the problems!