Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lazy Sunday Thinking

Thanks It is about Time for the tag. Here we go:
1. If you had to choose one vice in exclusion of all others what would it be* Silence
2. If you could change one specific thing about the world what would it be? * Inequality
3. Name the cartoon character you identify with the most.
* I like Shrek.
4. If you could live one day in your life over again which one would it be?
* Today is always the best day.
5. If you could go back in history and spend a day with one person who would it be? * Albert Einstein :-) I want to see how crazy he was.
6. What is the one thing you lost, sold or threw away that you wish you could have back? * Time! I wish I am still 18 years old :-)
7. What is your one most important contribution to this world?
* Smiling Sunflower always wants you to leave smile here and leave here with smile :-)
8. What is your one hidden talent that nearly no one knows about?
* I am sensitive to colors and lights and I liked drawing when I was a little girl. I wanted to be a creative artist but I am not :-(
9. What is your most cherished possession?
* I am so thankful to be young, healthy and live with people I love.
10. What one person influenced your life the most when growing up?
* There were so many characters in books, movies and people in reality that have influenced me when I grew up.
11. What one word describes you better than any other? * Smiling:-)
- I am going to tag Barbara, Sarala, Caylynn

For those who I didn't tag this time, what are your answers?


sarala said...

OK, I'll do this one. Tell me why is one flattered to be tagged?

Barbara said...

Atag? For me? Thank you Sunflower! I'll get right on it, if I still have electricity tomorrow.