Sunday, January 07, 2007

Impressional Memories

Bob’s sister has a lovely eight-month-old baby girl, Jenna. We visited them on Christmas Day. One of the wonderful gifts that Bob’s mom received from his sister was a small round mirror with one of Jenna’s cute little palm prints embedded in it. I didn’t know where they could make such a fabulous gift. Recently I discovered that creates similar unique keepsakes of children’s hands and feet impressions. PetiteHandsAndFeet.Com is a home-based business run by a stay at home mom who makes customized keepsakes that will last a lifetime. She begins with raw clay and a design of your choosing, then crafts a truly special piece of artwork that you will be able to hang on the wall and cherish for years. All of them are handmade and kiln fired twice with an array of special glazes to make sure that each piece has a truly unique look. She currently only serves the Houston metro market. But you can take a look at some of her most popular pieces on her website. You can also book a gift certificate online for your friends and family in Houston so they can pick out their own shapes and colors. These personalized keepsakes are great gifts for your loved ones.

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