Monday, January 29, 2007

I will Exercise for Comments!

Time flys. It is Monday again! Like I said, to continue promoting healthy blogger lifestyle, I will post our Healthy Blogger Pledge every Monday. Currently 18 bloggers have joined us. I will specially visit and comment our participants on Mondays, to push them exercise more and to attract more participants!
Healthy Blogger Pledge
I will Exercise for Comments.
Time Period: January 1- January 31
Type of Exercise: Sit-up
Pledge: 1 Sit-up per Comment

Thank You for Your Support!


Renee said...

Just here to make you move!

Jennifer said...

oohh, sit ups!

here is one more!!
how is it going? lost any iches yet?

Jenny in Ca

Teena said...

Here's another minute for you :)

Sunflower said...

Thanks a lot, renee, jennifer and teena, these 3 minutes count for you too:-)

I will Exercise for Comments!