Wednesday, January 17, 2007

eBooks About Everything

The computer and Internet have changed our lives dramatically in the last decade. We almost can do everything online - work, shop, entertain etc. In recently years, digital books have become more popular; although, some readers might prefer traditional books to ebooks, there are many exciting benefits of reading digitally: No paper, no deforestation (good for the environment); eBooks do not take up space and are easy to carry, as long as you have a laptop or other portable digital devices. A few e-retailers can provide ebooks for your digital lifestyle. eBooks About Everything, a well-organized and categorized e-store, is a new ebook retailer offering over 70,000 titles in 4,000 categories, including business, erotica, fantasy, sci-fi and romance. The e-store will open in February 2007. Readers can peruse and purchase any of its seventy thousand titles at a discounted rate. All new titles are automatically discounted 10%. January buyers will receive an additional 10% discount when they use the coupon number 0202401 at checkout. Shoppers can download eBooks on subjects from Accessories to Zoroastrianism. The site also offers all popular eBook formats, such as Adobe, PDF, Microsoft reader, LIT and Palm eReader, to facilitate your reading on your eBookReader, PDA or Smartphone.
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