Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Door of Science

We visited Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS 3, the Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, at Science World in downtown Vancouver last Saturday. We also watched an iMAX about the Human Body. It was very informative and educational, especially for children. As usual, I brought my camera. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed. When I went to the washroom, I found something interesting on the door, but I couldn't use the flash (You know why). Below is my only photo in Science World. It is really a "Door of Science" :-)

Door of Science


Chris said...

Is he the guy with the big hat & penchant for chopping bodies up? He did an autopsy on live TV in the UK - I forgot, flicked over to Channel 4 and thought 'What's he holding? looks like OH DEAR GOD!'

It was someones liver :-(

scribbit said...

I've heard a bit about that exhibit, sounds rather creepy yet fascinating.

Rebecca said...

My goodness. Who knew?

Frances said...

I love all kinds of signs; I so would have taken the same pic.
We have IMAX here at the Natural History Museum - everything is so big it can be downright scary.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care,

Renee said...

We saw Body Worlds 2 when it was here in Denver...facinating! but we didn't get bladder info too... I would have thought they might have had that info during Grossology...but no.

I should go exercise might warm me up...this computer room is too cold.

Smalltown RN said...

That exhibition is suppose to be amazing...I would love to get over there to see it.

I need a kick in the pants for the excercise thing...I have slacked off a bit. But I am with you on this one.

Carol said...

Hmmm - interesting factoid, but I KNOW I produce more pee that that! LOL..

Cool post today.

tiggerprr said...

Cool post! I find that exhibit fascinating, and would love to see it live. It is a little creepy, but I think it would ultimately be educational.