Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Unforgetable Christmas Gifts I have ever Received
* A Cute Bracelet *
* A Beautiful Ring *
* A Nice Necklace *
* A Fabulous Cookie Jar *
* A Sexy Low-waist Jeans *
* A Warm Hand-made Scarf *
* A Desirable JACOB Gift Card *
* A Memorable Starbucks Gift Card *
* An Awesome Boston Pizza Gift Card *
* A Lucky Vase for the Lucky Bamboo *
* A Box of Unbelievalbe Christmas Black Tea *
* A Wonderful Movie Ticket at Famous Players *
* An Amazing iMAX Gift Card at Science World * **********************************


alisonwonderland said...

sounds like you've had some nice christmases!

happy TT, and happy new year!

Tisha said...

I didn't get thirteen things for Christmas...but I could list thirteen things my kids got. *LOL*

Happy New Year.

Skittles said...

Santa was very good to you :)

s@m said...

What a great list of items!

Happy New Year!

Barbara said...

Lots of nice gifts! Fabulous!

Teena said...

Cool gifts!

Mine's up too :)

Jenny Ryan said...

Ooh, I love jewelry too! :)