Saturday, December 30, 2006

What do You Know about Sunflower?

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Sunflower!

  1. Sunflower can be found on a Cluedo board between the Library and the Conservatory!
  2. The patron saint of sunflower is Saint Eugenie.
  3. Sunflower, from the movie of the same name, had green blood.
  4. The first sunflower was made in 1853, and had no pedals.
  5. About one tenth of sunflower is permanently covered in ice!
  6. Forty percent of the world's almonds and twenty percent of the world's peanuts are used in the manufacture of sunflower.
  7. According to the story, Pinocchio was made of sunflower!
  8. Sunflower can eat up to four kilograms of insects in a single night.
  9. Sunflower kept at the window will keep vampires at bay!
  10. The National Heart Foundation recommends eating sunflower at least three times a week!
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sarala said...

I'd like to see you eat the four kg of insects tonight!