Monday, December 11, 2006

Pink Soiree

I loved PINK when I was a teenager.
1. Closest pink thing to you: My slippers
2. Do you like sweet things? No, I don’t like too-sweet foods
3. Like play-fighting? Just occasionally do it for fun
4. Are you sensitive? Yes, I am very sensitive.
5. Do you like music? I enjoy music a lot.


Barbara said...

Pink is a nice calming color.

Skittles said...

Me. too.. except the closet thing to me that's pink is my nightgown.

Chris said...

One of my 5 YO's, Patrick, loves pink.

He chose a pink belt with his pocket money recently, & as he was lining up to pay, a woman in the queue said something like 'Why have you got that? pink is for little girls'. Before my wife could say anything, he fixed the woman with a glare & replied 'Because I'm a little boy thats likes pink! What's wrong with your little girl anyway, she looks funny'.

With this he marched up to the till & paid, leaving the interfering woman speechless. Patrick is older than his years...