Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of Year MeMe

I have seen this MeMe on several blogs. The last time was from Sarala. It looks interesting.
How to play:
1. Harken back to your archives.
2. Collect the first sentence every month for the whole year.
3. Entertain us.
Here goes mine:
April: It is my first Blog.
May: In the last two weeks, I was busy in preparing for two interviews.
June: Scent of Green Papaya
July: Bob has a large collection of DVD movies
August: Abby and Cassy
September: Tonight Bob and I watched Contact, a science fiction.
October: Bob has a large collection of DVD movies.
November: In the rivers of the west coast of North America lives one of the of the world's most interesting migrants, Salmon.
December: I was tagged by Asara again!

Anyone wants to play?

1 comment:

Morticia said...

Jan: It's a whole new year upon us once again in the Blogsphere (and almost everywhere else) but did you stop to think that it's just another of those mankind-designed pseudo celebrations with no actual purpose other than an excuse to get pissed, riot, die in a road accident and let off cool fireworks from public edifices and back yards?
Feb: Remember all the fuss about the Y2K bug and when the sky was predicted to fall when the clocks turned over at Midnight on January 1 2000?
March: I was gunna write some emails tonight cos I am overdue writing and replying to emails to damn near everybody.
April: It's April Fools Day again.
May: My washing machine wot blew up got fixed last week, 2 weeks and $140 after it went belly up.
June: OK, time to confess (cos it's good for the Soul, apparently) - we are addicted to Tuesday nights.
July: Ages ago, I brought you this.
Aug: In November last year, Ads got a bang on the head at camp whilst white-water rafting.
Sept: I'm on sabbatical.
Oct: Fig is one of those words people use without ever thinking of its ancestry; phrases like "Couldn't give a fig".
Oct(new): People sometimes talk of life changing moments; most people encounter them in one form or another.
Nov: I have never seen Tommy.
Dec: What's on yours?

Wow, that was a bit of a mission! Lot's of fun, though :-)