Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Amazing Journey of Salmon

In the rivers of the west coast of North America lives one of the of the world's most interesting migrants. Braving difficulties of every sort, the salmon traverses rivers and seas.

The life of a salmon begins when its mother lays her eggs in a stream The first food of the young salmon is the special nutrient sack in the egg. As they continue to grow, they spend about a year in the stream. Salmon have been created with a system that allows them to live both in fresh and salt water. The reason for this is hidden in the miraculous journey that the salmon will make. On a spring morning, thousands of salmon begin to migrate down the river. The place where they will arrive weeks later is the magnificent Pacific Ocean. As soon as they arrive at the ocean, a genetic mechanism in the salmon causes a change in the make-up of their bodies enabling them to live in salt water. In the next one to four years they will traverse the ocean. Leaving the American coast, they will pass by Alaska, continue in a great arc in the direction of Japan and return again. At the end of their journey, they are mature and ready for the final and most difficult journey of their lives.

They will return to their home: that is, to the stream where they were born. Now they begin to travel upstream in exactly the opposite direction to the one they travelled years earlier to reach the sea.
No obstacle daunts them. They can jump high enough to scale waterfalls. They can even jump three metres out of the water to climb over obstacles in their way. Sometimes they doggedly pursue their journey for distances reaching 3200 km. In the course of this journey they eat nothing, using energy stored while they were in the ocean. Finally, those who survive, without fail, reach the river where they were born years earlier and there lay their eggs.

This journey of the salmon is one of the most amazing phenomena in nature. How is it that after thousands of salmon live for years in the sea, they can find the very stream in which they were born? Research has shown that salmon have been created with a special sensory system to enable them to make this journey. They have been created with a natural compass that lets them find their way in the ocean by sensing the earth’s magnetic field. Thanks to this, they are able to find their direction in the vast ocean without error.

We can see that every stage of the journey made by the salmon was calculated. It is by itself a great wonder that there is a programme that directs the salmon to return years later to the river in which it was born.

All this shows that the salmon is a creature specially created for the migration decreed for it.The One Who created the salmon with all its extraordinary capabilities is the nature, the Creator of all living things and Lord of all the worlds.

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