Sunday, September 10, 2006


Tonight Bob and I watched Contact, a science fiction film.It is a great and inspired movie, with Jodie Foster's excellent performance.It was filmed in mid-90's, but this was my first to see it.

I totally understand the stories that happened in the movie as I had gone through those internal struggles myself. In my childhood, I was educated to be an atheist. I was so curious about everything--why the sky is blue? where are we from? ...... and it seemed that science could explain everything. Therefore, I‘m interested in science and technology. Like the main character, Ellie Arroway, I always look for proof to believe in something.

However, since I’ve grown up and experienced more, I realised that humans can't control everything, neither can science and technology. I was confused--why so many people in western countries believe in God. If there is God, then why there are many scientists work so hard to change the world? And then I heard about that Newton and Einstein believed in God, which made me more confused. Science and Religion, do they conflict? Till now I still don't have the answer.

But I am not an atheist any more because I know that both Darwin's Evolution theory and the God's Creation are just hypotheses. At present neither theory can explain everything or support itself sufficiently. I believe there might exist some supernatural power in the world. And there may be other intelligent life forms in the universe.

One of the good things about living in NA—is being exposed to many great movies and encountering so many different experiences and feelings......

And so thankful for being young, healthy and living with people I love.

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omninaif said...

I find it funny that Einstein believed in God, but not in Quantum Mechanics. If you like finding 'links' between science and spirituality then maybe you should check out What the bleep do we know? Or maybe, powerful,eh? Have you read the novel, Contact by Carl Sagan or just watched the movie? I'm a fan of his Cosmos series, and when it was re-aired it was postively splendid.