Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Life is still beautiful

In the last two weeks, I was busy in preparing for two interviews from two companies. And they played waiting games with me after 2nd interview. Eventually I know that they will never call me back again, even though they said they would contact within one week!

I fallen into disappointment and frustration again and felt that I couldn't find a job here. Today in retrospect, I looked so stupid: I just haven't meet with the right opportunity. What I really need is just a little bit goodluck and more patience and confidence!

From last weekend I started to adjust my way to see my job-hunting and calmed down gradually. Till today I have sent out about 10 more resumes. The more I sent remumes, the higher possibility to get interviews and offers.

I have no reason to doubt myself. I know I can do it.

When one door is closed, the other one opens for you.

You never know:-)


Anonymous said...

So many people don't know what they are missing!!!

I least I'm not one of them!!

Chris said...

You just have to keep positive, and know that any job you didn't get, simply wasn't the right one for you. Check out this post on Scott Adams' Dilbert blog:
All I can say on it, is that it has worked for me in some unlikely situations.
Good Luck!

Chris said...

Sorry, I've only just realised this post was from May! My RSS reader must be playing up - oh well, what I posted still stands ;-)