Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baby Show

Bob has a big family. His mom has 3 sisters and 4 brothers. His Dad has 1 sister. You can imagine how big the family tree is.

His sister, Marci, just had her first baby girl, Jenna, two weeks ago. They had a baby shower yesterday evening in his aunt's home.What is baby shower? I thought the baby is going to have a shower for real, just like giving her Godparents. No, it is not true. Bob laughed at me. A baby shower is like a party, whereby the baby’s mother receives gifts from family and friends. And, remember, only females can join the shower party!

When we arrived at Bob's aunt's home, there were already more than 10 people in the living room. Bob's mom introduced me to every one but I forgot their names in seconds :-(Marci started to open gifts one by one and passed them to people sitted in a circle. One girl wrote down the name of the gifts and gifters because Marci is going to send them thank-you cards later. And the mother might show this to the baby when s/he is grown up, which is a good memory for kids.

My gift for the baby was a potted mini red rose in an Easter vase. I hope Jenna grows up like a beautiful rose.They also had an interesting baby shower game--they cooked different chocolate bars and wipe them on diapers. The diapers thus looked brown....just like real diapers :-) You were asked to smell or even taste it in order to judge the type of the chocolate bar......

They are very friendly. I chatted with a few girls and aunts. One of Bob's aunts was an ESL teacher. We had a nice conversation and decided to meet again when we both have time.

It was a lot of fun. I thank Bob's mom for inviting me to the baby shower.

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